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Driving simulators


Real scale dynamic car driving simulator

Specifications: Renault Twingo 2 car mounted on a MOOG 6DOF 2000E platform (electric cylinders), environment visualization on a hemicylindrical display (1.20m height; 150° field of view) with 3 Projection Design F10SX+ videoprojectors, visualization of external and internal mirrors through LCD displays, real-time graphics and driving environment rendering, interaction metaphors with the cockpit (visual, sound and haptic) by a cluster of 6 computers

Keywords: driving simulator, dynamic platform, vibrations, force feedback, blending, anamorphosis, hemicylindrical display, simulator sickness


Static car simulator

Specifications: Static driving simulator, driving environment visualization on three LCD displays (32 inches each, 100° total field of view), visual, sound and haptic interaction metaphors with the cockpit, real-time driving environment rendering by an HP Z600 workstation integrated to the simulator, networking of several simulators possible for collaborative driving

Keywords: driving simulation, static platform, vibrations, force feedback, simulator sickness, motion sickness